Monday, September 6, 2010

Kadai Paneer

Bell Peppers (Capsicum): 3 (different colors)
Onions: 1 (big, finely chopped)
Tomatoes: 4
Cumin Seeds: 1 tsp
Paneer: 1 cup or 250g, cut into cubes
Butter or Oil: 1 tbsp
Chilli powder: 2 tsp
Turmeric Powder: 1 tsp
Green Chillies: 2 (cut them long)
Ginger: 1 tbsp (smashed)
Garlic: 3 or 4 pieces
Kasoori methi: 1 tsp
Dhania-Jeera Powder: 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves (Cilantro): some

1. Heat oil/butter, add ginger, garlic, green chillies, onions, fry till the onions turn light brown.
2. Add the tomatoes, turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt, cook for about 5 mins.
3. Then add the capsicum , dhania-jeera powder, kasoori methi and cook it for about 10 mins, until the capsicum and tomatoes are well cooked.
4. Now add the paneer cubes and cook till it blends in to the masala.
5. Finally add the finely chopped coriander leaves on top.

Serve hot with Rotis! Enjoy!

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  1. hey charu - your kadaai paneer recipe (with some slight modifications and omissions) turned out awesome. thanks for the recipe.