Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pita Sandwich-Desi Style


Pita Bread - 3
100 grams - Big onion
50 grams - carrot
50 grams - cabbage
50 grams - capsicum
50 grams - Beans
2 Teaspoon - Oil
Sambhar powder - 2 Teaspoon
Pav bhaji masala - 1 Teaspoon
Mozzarella cheese

For the filling:

Cut all the veggies into julienne (Thin strips) type. Sauté onion with oil in a pan for 2 minutes in high flame, add carrots, beans, add sambhar powder, salt, let it cook for some time until the raw smell of sambhar powder goes off, add cabbage and capsicum, pav bhaji masala, blob of butter, make sure the veggies are not over cooked, let it be crunchy.

Cut the pita's in to half toast it with salted butter. Stuff the filling inside each pita top it with mozzarella cheese, microwave it for few seconds, so that the cheese gets melt. Serve it with tomato ketchup.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sago Vadai

• 100 grams - small size Sago(Javvarisi)

• 2 Tablespoon - Gram Flour
• 3 – Green chilles(Finely chopped)
• 1 Teaspoon - Chilly powder
• Finely Chopped coriander leaves - Handfull
• 2 - Big onion(Finely chopped)
• Salt as per taste

Soak javvarisi(Sago)for about 45 minutes. Then squeeze out the water from sago. Mix sago, chopped onion, green chillies, coriander, chilli powder, salt, add gram flour to it. Do not add water for mixing. The moisture in sago is good enough. Heat oil in a pan, shape the mixture like masala vadai and deep fry it till it turns to golden brown. Serve hot with chilly sauce.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Paani Puri

Ingredients: For Puri's : (Around 50-60 puri's)
3/4 cup - Rava (do not use chiroti rava)
1/4 cup - Maida
Salt as per taste.

Mix rava, maida, salt together in a bowl. Gradually, add water and knead to a dough. Keep aside for 1 and half hrs. Then roll out in to a big chappathi and using a cookie cutter cut it in to small circles amd deep fry it. Puri is ready now.

Ingredients: For Khatti-Meeti Chutney (Sweet chutney)
50 grams - Seedless Dates
1/2 Cup - Jaggery
Salt - As per taste
Chilli powder - 1/2 Teaspoon
Jeera powder (Roasted and ground) - 1/2 Teaspoon

Soak dates in hot water for half an hour and grind it to a smooth paste. Heat pan add grated jaggery, dates paste, add chilli, jeera powder, salt and simmer it for 10 minutes. Add water to it to make it in to a watery consistency.

Ingredients: For Paani
1/2 Bunch - Coriander leaves
1/2 Bunch - Mint leaves
Salt as per taste
1 - Table spoon Chaat masala
1 - Teaspoon Black salt.
Green chillies - As per your spicey requirement.

Grind Coriander, mint leaves along with salt, green chilles, lemon juice. Add water to it to make it thin watery consisitency now add chaat masala to it . ( As Black salt and chaat masala both has salt in it , so be careful while adding salt). Now your paani is ready.Hint : Please refrigerate sweety chutney and paani for minimum 2 hours before serving. This adds up taste.
Ingredients: For Stuffing
Boiled big potatoes (2-3)
Chilli Powder
Salt as per taste
Mash boiled potatoes, add chilli and salt to it. For additional taste chopped coriander leaves can also be added. Stuffing is ready for use.