Monday, January 24, 2011

Veggie bean quesadilla

I browse a lot of recipe blogs to get some idea and then do some experiment in my kitchen with some modifications/variations with ingredients . This is one such recipe. I must mention akila's blog eatomaniac as this is mostly her recipe with very slight modifications. I am also thankful to all others from whose blogs I get  ideas to experiment.  

tortillas from any supermarket
shredded cheese of your choice
salt to taste
Rajma beans/pinto beans of your choice
bell peppers  (red,yellow,orange) finely chopped
jalapeno peppers 1 or 2 slit length wise
spinach 2- 3 cups chopped
yellow squash (parangikkai) chopped 2-3 cups
onions 2-3 finely chopped
oil (olive,peanut or any other oil of your preference)1tsp

method: saute veggies
in a broad pan pour a tsp of oil and first saute onions and jalapenos and once onions  turns somewhat pink in color add salt to taste.(this will enhance the flavor) and then add all the other vegetables except spinach. mix all the veggies and saute them till they are half cooked and then add the finely chopped spinach and cook for another 5-10 minutes until everything is properly cooked and set aside to let it cool.

method: Rajma beans
soak the beans the previous night itself and pressure cook the next day to 5 whistles with  salt. you can either saute onions and tomatoes and mix it with regular indian spices (like turmeric,chilli powder,garam masala powder etc) or just add the mexican chilli spice mix and bring it to boil and keep aside.
I usually buy the tortillas from supermarket. I prefer the ones in costco called casa de oro tortillas. Take a tawa and coat one side of the tortilla with melted butter and put the other side facing up on the tawa set to low -medium heat. spread some shredded cheese and then add the veggies and beans a tbsp each and then again cover it with shredded cheese on just half the side of the tortilla and then cover it up as shown in the pic.
saute this covered tortilla on both sides till the cheese melts and it turns light brown on either side.

you can also use the Quesaddilla maker and use 2 tortillas one over the other with the fillings inside. instead of tortillas you can also substitute it with our regular Rotis/chappatis.serve with some salsa,chips, guacamole and sour creme.

 I usually make it this way as my kids love it. you can always use veggies of your choice  and experiment it on your own. combination of pumpkin( parankikkai) and keerai is actually a modification of bengali style preparation. you can also add corns instead. idea is to make veggies more colorful.  each tortilla is about 150 calories(without the filling and butter) to give you the idea of calorie intake.Guacamole and chips are from store.


i just blended 3 days old sour yogurt for this. you could also buy sour creme from supermarket.

Ingredients: onions 8-10,tomatoes 5-6,jalapeno peppers 1-2 finely chopped,sugar 1tsp,coriander leaves chopped 2-3 tbsp,green bellpeppers chopped 1 big. lemon juice from 2 -3 big yellow lemons,salt to taste.
cut onions and tomatoes very finely. I do not prefer to eat raw onions so i usually microwave them for 2 minutes. and then mix it with salt and sugar and cut tomatoes and veggies and other ingredients. To give a juicy look you can also microwave just 2 cut tomatoes and mix them to the rest of ingredients. This tastes good both fresh as well as chilled.  you can also add fruits and other veggies of your choice. I  even tried grated carrots,corn and mangoes and peach and pineapple in various proportions. they all give a nice sweet and tangy and sour combination.
do give this a try and let me know your feed back.
Happy cooking!!!


  1. What a comprehensive and brilliant first post!!! Good job Deepa. We will make it and let you know.

  2. Wow Deepa, can't imagine cooking like you...and your post and pics are very detailed as well. Great job !!!

  3. Thank you Revathi and Shankar for your encouragement.