Thursday, February 3, 2011

Minestrone Soup

As the temperatures are dipping below 0 in Fahrenheit I thought of making something hot. so here goes my version of Minestrone soup.


Water 6-8 cups
zucchini: 1 finely chopped
Celery stalk : 2-3  chopped                                                 
cabbage : finely chopped 1 cup               
Red onion: finely chopped 1 cup
Garlic: 3-4 pods finely chopped
string beans: finely chopped 1-2 cups                         Carrots: 3-4 finely chopped
Baby Spinach: few leaves
Rajma and soy beans dry 1/4th cup each
Shell pasta: 1/4 cup dry.
Melted Butter: 1-2 tbsp
pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Pasta sauce: 2-3 cups or tomato puree
Fresh tomatoes: 7-8 finely chopped


Pasta: cook the dry pasta in boiling water according to the packet instructions with some salt and oil and drain the excess water and rinse it in cold water and keep aside
Rajma and Soy beans: Soak the rajma and soy beans in separate containers for atleast 6 hrs and then pressure cook them untill 6-7 whistles. rinse both the cooked beans separately in water and keep aside. If not the rajma beans I would greatly recommend rinsing the soy beans thoroughly (atleast 3- 4 times) and take out all the husk and skin out of it.

In a broad vessel first add the butter and then garlic and onions and then add salt. To this add all the other cut veggies and water and bring it to boil. after few minutes when the veggies tend to get half cooked add the pasta sauce, the cooked rajma beans and soy beans and pasta and boil for few more minutes.
Serve hot with either bread, dinner rolls, or crackers.
This quantity will serve 5- 6 persons.

options: If you don't have pasta sauce then you could substitute with tomato puree. however the pasta sauce would give it an authentic italian touch. you could also omit pasta and add cooked semiya instead. hope you like it!


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