Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chilli Sauce

Ingredients :
Ash Gourd/ Vellai Pooshanikai - 1 Cup
Red Capsicum/ Red Bell Pepper - 1 Cup
Dry Red chillies - 15 no.s ( Reduce the no of chillies if you want less spicy)
White vinegar - 1/2 Cup
Salt - to taste.
In a Pan add ash gourd, red capsicum (You wont get the red colour if you use any other capsicum), red chillies, less amount of water, and salt. (If you pour more water then you may want to drain the vegetables, to avoid that use less amount of water). Cover it with a lid and cook it in high flame. Allow it to cool. Grind it in a blender with vinegar, donot add water while grinding.
Store it in a air tight container and refrigerate. It stays good for a month.
If you like sweet and sour taste then reduce the no. of chillies and add sugar while grinding.
This sauce can be used in sandwiches, gobi manchurian, and a good accompaniment for all type of snacks.
Iam sure if you try this sauce you will never buy them from market :-)
Happy Cooking :-)